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OUR MISSION : We are committed to developing industry-leading safety products to ensure hard workers all around the world make it safely home. 

Paramount Safety Products have an ever-expanding range of technically advanced, high quality, high value safety solutions produced for extreme working conditions. 

Customers appreciate our wide distribution network, which translates to rapid order turnaround with localised customer service. We are able to comfortably meet stock service requirements of our customers and satisfy end-user demand. 

Our global team of safety representatives are readily available to assist with product knowledge and up-to-date product and safety resources. All products are backed with powerful multi-channel marketing assets. 


Paramount Safety Products (PSP) is the powerhouse behind Australasia’s most tried and trusted industrial safety brands.  

Over the course of 30-years working closely with end users and listening to their requirements and feedback, PSP have developed safety products for use across a wide range of industries and applications including mining, oil and gas, construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics and agriculture as well as home improvement and maintenance.  

Our current portfolio of brands includes Pro Choice Safety Gear, LINQ Height Safety, Pratt Environmental and Site Safety Systems, MEDIQ First Aid, THORZT Hydration Products, Bison Safety and Footwear and WORKIT Workwear. 

Founded by the late Rob Bird back in 1992, Paramount Safety Products is still a family-owned operation from Western Australia.  We are a truly dedicated wholesaler, providing unrivalled customer service to our distributors. Paramount Safety Products now employs over 100 people across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Latin America.


You can count on Paramount Safety Products to deliver: 

  • Honesty in business 
  • Value for money 
  • Trusted advice 
  • Product variety 
  • Stock availability 

Pro Choice Safety Gear designs and manufactures the most comprehensive and accessible Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) range in Australasia. Rising from a foundation in hand protection, today Pro Choice Safety Gear is a brand synonymous with personal protection from head to toe. Our products are used and trusted by some of the world’s largest mining, construction and manufacturing companies. Throughout every step of design, testing and production, the Pro Choice Safety Gear team are meticulous about delivering a final product that keeps people safe. 

Safe on site, safely home. 

50-60% of the industrial workforce start the day in a mildly-dehydrated state, every day. Mild dehydration is 1-4% of body fluid loss. At 3%, reaction time is delayed and cognitive ability is compromised, similar to the effects of a blood alcohol reading of 0.08. This can have a significant effect on performance, productivity and most importantly safety. You can sweat anywhere from 500ml to 2.5L per hour depending on environmental conditions, level of exertion and state of health. For every 1% increase in dehydration, heart rate is increased by four beats per minute.  

We’ve spent close to 10-years scientifically unpacking dehydration in the workplace. Over five million serves and three million icy poles later, the THORZT team have developed a product range packed with electrolytes, vitamins and branched-chain amino acids for rapid rehydration. 

We are committed to researching and developing quality cooling and hydration products for hard workers all around the world whatever the job. 

THORZT – the hydration solution for hard work. 

LINQ Height Safety and Lifting and Rigging products are created for safety without compromise by using the highest-quality materials engineered for comfort, performance and durability. LINQ far exceeds AS/NZS safety standards for your peace of mind. With four distribution centres within Australia and one in New Zealand holding significant stock levels, expedited delivery is the norm.  

The LINQ manufacturing team has a unique ability to understand your requirements. With significant manufacturing experience on the international stage, the team is quickly able to develop a needs-based solution fit for your requirements. LINQ is a renowned PPE brand respected in Australia and New Zealand for premium quality products certified beyond requirements and sold at affordable prices. Hard-won integrity and trust has been developed through years of delivering safety without compromise and is reinforced through strong packaging, product design and general branding. When you see LINQ, you are seeing a better product. A bold claim backed up with the testing to prove it. 

For over 40 years Pratt Safety Systems has been supplying Australian and New Zealand industries with quality site safety and environmental protection products. These not only comply with AS/NZS and international standards, but are also robust enough for any working environment. With the ever-increasing focus on workplace and environmental safety, Pratt Safety Systems has the knowledge and expertise to find solutions to any of our customers needs, and we are committed to ongoing product development to ensure our customers have access to the latest technology available. 

Historical Initiatives: 

  • Introduced Safety Showers to Australian Market in 1968 

  • Introduced Safety Cabinets and Cans into Australian Market in 1981 

With over 70-years combined experience in the safety industry, rarely have our team come across an issue or occurrence that we have not tackled previously. From being integral members of national safety councils, to advising on standards and regulations within the industry, our staff have done it all. With this knowledge, all customers can have the confidence that the advice and recommendations they receive from a member of our expert team is truly of a high standard. 

MEDIQ is the smart choice in first aid and your premier source of first aid kits. The MEDIQ team are dedicated to providing you best-in-class first aid kit solutions, with a focus on quality and reliability offering peace of mind in case of injury.

We are aware of frustrations of workers in many of our industries with poor fitting, uncomfortable, European standard sized boots. We engaged extensively with front-line workers, gaining deep understanding of these issues and uncovered real insights around how FIT, GRIP, COMFORT and ankle stability contribute to workplace safety and a more comfortable better performing boot. From this our Bison XT Safety Boots were born - designed to be the safest and best performing safety boot for New Zealand conditions and New Zealand feet.

All our Bison Safety Boots and Gumboots comply to AS/NZS 2210.3:2019. So whether you are after Zip, Lace Up or Slip On Safety Boots or PVC or Neoprene Rubber Gumboot, Bison has you covered.